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Program Manager Mary Needs Your Help!

“Our current security and privacy employee training is not cutting it anymore,” FCN Enterprises CEO James Reynolds tells CIO Charles Yates. “We need something better and soon. Make it happen.” FCN, a leading provider of retail services, is growing, and quickly. The company’s executives are planning expansion into new markets and the growth of FCN’s … Continued

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On-Demand Webinar: Behavioral Analytics: The Future of Awareness Training

Nearly all security incidents start with people, meaning addressing risky employee behaviors is one of the major problems facing security professionals today. Combining behavioral analytics—the analysis and detection of anomalous user actions— with security awareness education provides the ability to rapidly identify and mitigate bad employee behaviors through just-in-time training. Through tailored training, based on a user’s … Continued

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Infographic: What is the Adaptive Awareness Framework?

MediaPro has a clear vision and structure to offer organizations seeking to create employee awareness programs. We call that vision the Adaptive Awareness Framework. MediaPro works with organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Despite their differences, they all share one attribute: they all face risks associated with cyberattacks, data breaches, and hacking. Additionally, most … Continued

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White Paper: A Roadmap for Planning Your Awareness Program

No journey should begin without a roadmap. When’s the last time you traveled to a new location without first typing the address into your favorite mapping website or app? Setting out without a clear direction can be an inconvenience at best, and a recipe for disaster at worst. If you’re responsible for establishing sound cybersecurity … Continued

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Case Study: How Iluka Resources Created a Security-Aware Culture

Australia-based Iluka Resources is a leading international mineral sands resource company with 850 direct employees and a similar number of contractors. As leaders of a global company, Iluka management know full well the importance of sound information security, or cybersecurity, However, relying strictly on software-based security measures does not account for the human element in cybersecurity. … Continued

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