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Video: The Truth About Trust

This animation is designed help you reinforce your message about protecting personal information. Our goal was simple: cover the critical things that every employee should know about protecting personally identifiable information (PII) in around one minute. We believe that you should provide annual privacy awareness training to ensure that your employees know how to protect the information… Read more »

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White Paper: 3 Steps to Awareness Success

A comprehensive guide to a winning security and privacy awareness training program The wall of technical protections you’ve built around your organization’s systems and data may be the best, but they won’t do a thing about the behaviors of your people, who can potentially defeat them all with a single, misguided click of the mouse…. Read more »

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Posters: Free Security Awareness Posters

We’re offering you four free security awareness posters to help your employees remember how important it is to practice good security habits. MediaPro has helped many organizations build their security awareness and privacy awareness efforts by targeting the kinds of behaviors that ensure the protection of information. The posters below come from our reinforcement library, which… Read more »

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