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Video: Ready for the EU-US Privacy Shield?

If you’re a privacy professional, you’ve likely heard of the new EU-US Privacy Shield framework that has replaced Safe Harbor. The EU-US Privacy Shield requirements impose stricter rules for safeguarding EU residents’ personal data – compelling privacy professionals at U.S.-based, international organizations to make policy changes to meet its compliance requirements. Making sure your employees … Continued

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Video: MediaPro Best Practices: Why Prioritize Employee Awareness?

Even the best firewalls can’t protect your organization from a misguided click of an employee’s mouse. What should you do when technology just isn’t enough? Join MediaPro Founder and Managing Director Steve Conrad as he outlines the impact of a risk-aware corporate culture in our Best Practices video Why Prioritize Employee Awareness? In this video, he discusses: The root … Continued

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Video: Don’t Get Taken by Ransomware!

“Ransomware incidents are on the rise” may sound like the plot of the next summer blockbuster, but it’s not. It’s the unfortunate reality faced by organizations every day as they struggle to keep their data secure. Educate your employees about ransomware and how to thwart these malicious attacks with MediaPro’s ransomware awareness reinforcement animation, available free … Continued

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Video: Phishing: What Would You Do?

Your employees know better than to share sensitive information out in the real world, but street smarts can only get you so far in the age of the internet. Identifying phishing attempts isn’t always as easy as walking away from a scammer on the street. Remind employees to stay alert when it comes to identifying suspicious … Continued

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On-Demand Webinar: Improving the Effectiveness of Your Awareness Program with Dr. Tom Pendergast

Learn the ins and outs of an effective awareness program with our webinar, Improving the Effectiveness of Your Awareness Program, presented by Tom Pendergast, MediaPro’s Chief Strategist and resident learning expert. Recorded on February 18, 2016, Improving the Effectiveness of Your Awareness Program, focuses on ways to improve the effectiveness of your awareness program by putting an even greater … Continued

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