Why an Adaptive Security Awareness Program? An Adaptive Security Awareness Program continually improves and adapts with you, as your risks and threat vectors change.

An Adaptive Security Awareness Program continually improves and adapts with you, as your risks and threat vectors change. It provides you a highly flexible architecture to adjustment your awareness program, on a continual basis, to achieve the maximum results possible for the effort and dollars expended.

To accomplish this objective, you need the ability to: continually update training content, modify reinforcement materials, revise phishing tactics, perform awareness surveys, or provide specific “point” solutions to key risk areas related to human behavior. Without this flexibility, your awareness program may stall and fall short of expectations.

A Maturity Model for Improvement and Growth

Learn how the NIST Cybersecurity Framework improves security awareness with this free white paper from MediaProMediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework™ provides a structure and process to assess the current state of your security awareness program and offers a maturity model for future growth. Using this framework as your blueprint, your security awareness program will continually improve to reach its full potential.  MediaPro offers a number of flexible tools and services that can be packaged together to support your current budget and enable your awareness program to grow and thrive over time. You may already have some of these training or reinforcement tools in place.  If so, you are free to use just select the services and tools you need to fill your gaps.

Trusted by the World’s Most Security-Conscious Companies

Whether you’re just starting to educate your employees about security topics or you’re looking to take your awareness program to the next level, MediaPro offers a comprehensive and award-winning array of training, reinforcement, planning, and analysis tools that are trusted by the world’s most security-conscious organizations. Together, these tools, along with the process and structure of the Adaptive Awareness Framework, and provide a complete solution which aligns with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and all major information security standards.

Adaptable Tools that Support Behavior Change

An effective security awareness program includes training and reinforcement contentYou can effect real change and improve the performance of the people within your organization. But you can’t expect to improve human performance by providing the same old security awareness training experience to your employees once a year. You need the right tools, and a framework, which can guide you toward a best-practice awareness solution.

As your organization matures, so should your awareness program strategy. MediaPro’s adaptive framework, services, and products, are designed to fulfill this vision and to help you deliver a world-class security awareness initiative.

Key Tenets of the Adaptive Awareness Framework:

MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework provides a structure and process to help your awareness program succeed and flourish. We offer a number of tools and services that are packaged together to support this framework.  Offered below is a high-level description of how the adaptive framework works together with MediaPro’s tools and services to achieve your awareness goals.


An adaptive awareness program will provide a way to assess and analyze your significant employee-related risks and identify the behaviors needed to reduce these risks. These measures, and others you may already have in place, provide baseline data that will help you assess how your awareness program is working. MediaPro offers two assessment and measurement tools to assist you in analyzing your human-related risk profile:

  • The Adaptive Knowledge Assessment: Provides a snapshot of overall employee knowledge at multiple points in time. This allows you to assess your awareness program and determine if you are building risk-aware intelligence within your organization.
  • The Adaptive Phishing Simulator: Provides an accurate reading of how well your employees can identify and properly respond to email phishing attempts.

An adaptive awareness program will include an awareness strategy and plan that targets your key risk areas. The plan should adapt over time as your awareness program matures. MediaPro offers a flexible planning tool that can support this process and helps you mitigate these risks by aligning them to your awareness program activities:

  • The Adaptive Planning Tool: Lets you easily create a behavioral risk-based strategic awareness program plan that is comprehensive and tailored to any budget.

An adaptive awareness program will deliver the right awareness training content exactly where it’s needed – to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.  MediaPro offers various content libraries that allow for the rapid assembly and delivery of awareness training content:


An adaptive awareness program will support your learning activities with a variety of communication methods to increase retention and help sustain behavior change.  MediaPro offers an assortment of reinforcement tools to ensure that your security awareness messages are sustained over time and become part of your culture.

  • The Adaptive Reinforcement Library: Includes a variety of reinforcement communication tools including: animated videos, interactive games, awareness posters, awareness newsletter and web article content, and interactive stories.