How Mature is Your Awareness Program?

Determining the strength of your security and privacy awareness program is essential to ensuring your awareness efforts are effective. Where are you excelling? Where are there gaps? A carefully designed maturity assessment can help you draw up a road map to an improved awareness program that encourages a risk-aware corporate culture.

Take the Awareness Program Maturity Assessment Now


Today, organizations of all types and sizes are seeing the strategic value—and the bottom line incentive—of educating all employees on how they can help protect information. And more and more, they are turning to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for guidance on managing and reducing cybersecurity risks.

Measure the maturity of your awareness efforts with MediaPro's free awareness program maturity assessment



To help organizations understand the maturity of their existing awareness programs—and develop a plan for improvement—MediaPro developed an Awareness Program Maturity Assessment. The survey is designed to help organizations assess their end-user awareness program in the context of the recommended standards within the Cybersecurity Framework.

How it Works

The 12 multiple-choice survey questions assess program maturity across the four pillars of MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework (analysis, planning, training, and reinforcement) and ranks maturity at one of four tiers based on the Cybersecurity Framework. The higher the tier, the more robust your program.

The survey takes between five and 10 minutes to complete and, once completed, provides:

  • A 1-4 rating on the maturity of your program
  • How you rank compared to others who have taken the assessment
  • Tips for improving your score
  • A free, downloadable awareness planning tool designed to help you map out awareness program improvements

Learn More

Check out our free downloadable resource for more on how the Awareness Maturity Assessment fits with MediaPro’s Adaptive Awareness Framework. The Framework brings together analysis, planning, training, and reinforcement in a seamless structure that is designed to build a risk-aware culture within your organization. The framework and its supporting components provide a structure that empowers you to deliver a comprehensive training and reinforcement program that can address all of your critical data protection and compliance needs.