Bring “Test-Out” Functionality to Any Course

MediaPro is pleased to offer the ability to add “test out” functionality to the start of any course. Our pre-test can be implemented with any course built from the Adaptive Libraries. Pre-tests make sure you get the right content to the right people—and prevent users from rehashing content they already know.

Adult learning research shows that learners get three benefits from a pre-test:

  • Graded practice before instructions focuses the learner on the content
  • Pre-tests free learners from retaking content they already know so they can focus on those areas where they need help
  • Pre-testing offers a preview of the content and vocabulary in the course, priming the user to master content in the course itself

Basic Pre-Test Options:

The pre-test is an assessment that is offered to users before they are presented with course content (see image below). It’s dynamically assembled based on the chosen course content. There are two basic pre-test options:

  • Test out:This is the classic “all-or-nothing” approach. The user must achieve a client-defined, overall score to bypass all course content—including a final course assessment—and record course completion. If the user does not test out via the pre-test, they are required to complete all course content and the final course assessment.
  • Lesson-by-lesson: This option requires the user to achieve a client-defined score for each lesson in order to bypass that lesson in the course content. If the user does not pass a lesson in the pre-test, they must complete that lesson in the course content and pass the final course assessment to receive completion. Lessons passed in the pre-test do not appear in the post-course assessment.
training course pre-test


Either way, you can choose to exclude certain lessons or topics from the pre-test, thus making them required for course completion regardless of how the user scored on the pre-test. (For example, if there is core content that all users should see, regardless of their pre-test performance).

Learn More

Schedule a demo to see pre-test functionality in action. All of MediaPro’s Adaptive Libraries are part of our industry-leading Adaptive Awareness Framework, which enables you to grow employee knowledge, change employee behavior, and build a risk-aware culture. The Framework provides a structure and process that organizations use to create, assess or improve their awareness and training program deliverables.