Assemble, Brand, and Deliver the Perfect Course

MediaPro’s security awareness courses are built from our proprietary Adaptive Security Library™ and contain our most popular security awareness configurations.  Because these courses are assembled from the Adaptive Security Library, you can use these pre-assembled versions as convenient starting points, adding or removing individual lessons to create the perfect courses for your workforce.

Many companies license the security awareness courses “as is” for fast and easy delivery.  But, because they are built on a flexible adaptive architecture, you can “mix and match” content between courses. This allows you to assemble and deliver the exact content you need to meet your training requirements in a very fast time frame.

Easy-to-Update Content

You can easily change training content in the future as your needs change, risks evolve, or to keep the security awareness content fresh and relevant. Additionally, you also have access to content in our Adaptive Privacy Library™ as needed. Our course experts can provide professional guidance and work with you to select the perfect mix of awareness topics to share with your employees. Assembling course topics is done in just a few minutes; the courses can be branded with your logo and colors, and contain links to your policies and procedures within the courseware at no additional charge.

Flexible Security Awareness

You can assemble your security awareness content into several “mini course” learning objects to be spread out over time or deliver “stand alone courses” to your employees. You can also assemble smaller “reinforcement courses” or “refreshers” for those topics that need additional attention. Of course, you can always customize content or leverage our localized content as needed.  Our flexible deliver architecture makes this a simple and easy process.

Hassle-Free Delivery

The awareness courses are SCORM and AICC compliant and run on both desktop and mobile devices. The security courses can run inside your firewall on your own LMS or on our hosted LMS solution. The courseware does not use Adobe Flash, but leverages standard and open web technologies. The security awareness courseware has been tested on all major browsers and operating system configurations.  Contact us and we will provide a demo for you to review and evaluate.