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TrainingPack Features

TrainingPacks Features

It’s never been easier to deliver fun, fast and impactful training that meets the needs of your employees and organization.


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MediaPRO Recognized As a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant... Five Years Running!

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Only MediaPRO TrainingPacks come with CourseFlexTM technology. CourseFlexTM gives you the ability to personalize training for each employee, deliver courses as-is, easily tailor them, or build your own from pre-built topics.



  • Pre-assessments automatically determine and deliver personalized training to each employee
  • Phishing Simulator determines how susceptible your employees are to attacks


  • Deliver courses as-is, easily modify them, or build your own from pre-built topics
  • Take advantage of
    • Engaging, interactive courses
    • Role-based training
    • Great content variety


  • Take advantage of a large variety of reinforcement materials, including games, posters, articles, videos and more


  • Measure the impact of your training and phishing programs with Impact Reports
  • Track risk profiles of your employees over time

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