A 95% client return rate. One thousand successful projects completed. Five million users trained.

To us, these are numbers to be proud of. To our clients, these numbers represent phishing emails turned away, malware stopped dead in its tracks, and data breaches prevented.

We want to share the expertise and tools hundreds of other organizations have used to empower their employees to keep data safe and maintain a risk-aware organizational culture. Learn more about why companies of all sizes have chosen us to safeguard their employees and their data.

Real Behavior Change

Our philosophy on employee awareness programs is illustrated in what we call the Adaptive Awareness Framework, a flexible, continuous education model that includes analysis, planning, training, and reinforcement.

When you're seeking to make systematic changes around your employees' cybersecurity and data privacy behaviors, evidence shows that a continuous education model is the most effective approach to take. Real behavior change in employees is achieved through a repeatable awareness education program, the success of which can be assessed at regular intervals and adapted to meet emerging threats or changing regulations.

Our Methodology

All-In-One Platform

Get everything you need to engage employees with award-winning content, measure results, and continuously drive down risk—all from a unified, cloud-based solution with nothing to deploy or manage.

Meet LearningLAB.

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Expert Insight

Above all, we are learning experts first.

Our instructional designers work closely with our clients to design, develop, and deliver truly engaging courses and support tools that actually work to bring about the desired behaviors, knowledge, and competencies. By aligning training content to the specific needs of our clients, we can easily and efficiently customize, stylize, energize, and localize well-designed courses that help organizations succeed.

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Best in Class

Some of the world’s most risk-aware organizations have trusted us to equip their employees with the tools they need to keep data secure.

Every one of these clients is a relationship, and through these relationships we’ve learned what it takes to build solutions specific to client needs.

Why We're Different

Adaptive Architecture
What if you could get the right content to the right people—and quit wasting your employees' time on training that didn't matter to them? With the Adaptive Architecture, you select and configure the content that matters to you and your employees, or you let them test in (and out) based on their knowledge. The result is happier employees and lower training costs.
Role-Based Content
Engaged employees mean educated employees. A key tenet of engagement? Training content that speaks directly to your people. With our role-based training, you can deliver only the lessons and content that are relevant to a variety of job roles, such as human resources, IT, marketing, and more.
Training is great—but it’s not enough. Users are best served when critical information is regularly reinforced with resources like animations, games, posters, and articles to achieve maximum results. MediaPRO offers a variety of ways to keep messages alive and at the forefront of your employees’ minds.

Proven Success

Client success is our success.

Whether this means an increase in reported phishing emails, improvements in regular knowledge assessments, or discussions around the water cooler of the latest thwarted malware attempt, client satisfaction in their employee awareness programs is our single most important goal.

If we find that our clients are not satisfied with the work, our mission is to make it right.